Fashion Week Minnesota: Spring/Summer 2017

From favorite long-running fashion functions, to a smartphone dating app launch party, and everything in between - the Fashion Week MN calendar has something for every type of fashion fan.  The FWMN Spring/Summer 2017 season runs from April 20-29.  

My top picks: 

1) Who Made My Clothes?

Thursday, April 27
The founding principle behind Urban Orchid Blog was to share what I discover about sustainable/ethical fashion and to be a resource for people seeking that information.  While I may have been publishing fewer of those informational posts, it is definitely something I plan to get back to doing.  A great motivator for that is the FWMN/Fashion Revolution Week event at Hazel & Rose.  The Fashion Revolution is an international initiative that aims to educate consumers, encourage more mindful shopping habits, and demonstrate to fast-fashion brands that ethical sourcing and treatment of workers and transparency in the supply something that benefits everyone.  Hazel & Rose has been a leader in bringing eco and ethical fashion to the forefront of the Minnesota fashion community and I am very looking forward to this event.  

2) Envision

Friday, April 21
The 21st season of the show features returning designers and runway hosts Tricia Heuring and John Mark at a new location.  Designers include Kyra Deva, Kindred Folk, ACG, Reinier Vigoa, Idle Child, and more. This video, posted by Envision and created by Don’t Blink, shows some of what we can expect at this season’s venue - The Machine Shop. 

Envision is long-running for a reason - some of the best in local talents showcase their current collections, and before/between runway segments attendees can enjoy live music, a photo booth, and a silent auction.  The proceeds from the silent auction, part of the event proceeds, and $1 of each presale ticket will benefit Public Functionary.

I haven’t missed a single Envision runway show since I first moved to Minnesota in 2013 - including three seasons commuting from Duluth.  Spring/Summer 2017 is no exception for me, even though it will be the same day I take the Principles and Practice of Engineering Exam.  Preparing for the 8 hour long professional licensing exam is a big part of why I won't be as immersed in FWMN as usual, but passing the exam would be more than worth it.  

3) HER: Launch Party

Saturday, April 22 
HER is a location-based app that helps LGBTQI+ women find and meet each other.  I am part of the Bi+ community and am a former user of the app (since it was known as "Dattch") and am very pleased to see that it has officially arrived in Minneapolis.  When I had first come across it, the app was strictly for dating, but appears to have grown into finding not only partners but friends, lovers, and others.  Minnesota fashion brands participating in the launch party pop-up shop include MPLS / STP Clothing Co. and Hardt Jewelry.  The night out at Constantine in the Hotel Ivy will also include games, a DJ, and a photo booth.  I am very interested to see how the app can impact the LGBTQI+ community and how the night ties into the flourishing fashion community.