October 29, 2012 #foodiechats theme: "The Deli"

        #foodiechats is a weekly Twitter and Instagram chat "where the foodie community chats together".  Every Monday night at 8pm EST, @steveGOgreen starts the party - each of 10 questions relating to the week's theme is asked every ten minutes. 

        Last week's theme was all things deli and was sponsored by Steve's Deli in Chicago.  As I mentioned in my last post, I picked a great long weekend to visit Chicago and was able to attend a live event at Steve's Deli. 

        I have been to some of the bigger live events at Union Sushi & Barbecue and The Anthem and heard of other events at Paris Club, Big Bowl, and other delicious venues.  I had never been to one of the more intimate gatherings nor to Steve's Deli so this was really a treat.


        Steve wasn't kidding when he said to come hungry - we had a full seven course dinner to savor while tweeting our answers.  Too bad I didn't come with full phone/camera battery, stuck with iPad photos all night!

Course 1: Matzoh ball soup.  It was a perfect start on such a cold night. 

Course 2: Chicken salad, Egg salad, and Tuna salad.  My favorite was the egg salad!

Course 3: Potato latkes.  Really hearty and crisp on the outside but soft on the inside.  Not complete without the applesauce and sour cream!

Course 4: Kugel.  Never had kugel before this but I definitely am a fan.  Tasted like bread pudding but with noodles instead of bread.  Would love a recipe recommendation if you have one!

Course 5: Chicken pot pie.  May be my favorite course of the night.  The crust was really flaky but light and the filling had a good mix of vegetables and meat.  Not too salty and not bland.  Definitely try this if you go to Steve's Deli.

Course 6: Pastrami, Corned beef, and Roasted turkey.  I only tried the turkey but liked how it was juicy and not dry.  Brought some leftover pastrami and corned beef to my SO who says the corned beef was really good too.

Course 7: Dessert.  I am a sucker for a crisped rice treat so it was a good sweet end to the night.

        I saw some old friends, made some new ones, and really enjoyed chatting with people who love good food, Twitter, and Chicago as much as I do. 

Photo thanks to Steve Green at NetUpNow

Questions & Answers:
Q1: When you think about Deli Food what is the first thing that comes to mind?
A1: I think of bagels and fun cream cheese flavors when I think of delis...like Bagel Cafe in Vegas!

Q2: Fave flavor cream cheese & kind of bagel?
A2: gotta love an asiago bagel with jalapeño cream cheese!

Q3: What are your favorite ingredients in your omelet?
A3: omelettes! Love stuffing leftovers in omelettes, waste nothing :-)

Q4: Create your ultimate deli sandwich and what would you name it?
A4: I think my ideal sandwich has already been created by Capriotti's...the Bobbie. Thanksgiving in a sandwich! (Homemade Turkey, cranberry sauce, stuffing, and mayo)

Q5: Which do you prefer the most? Egg Salad, Tuna Salad or Chicken Salad? Any great recipes?
A5: I totally prefer my dad's chicken salad! No better. (I've actually taken some cross country with me by freezing it, putting it in my suitcase, and taking it back with me for a little bit of home while away at college.  Still tasted pretty good for a day or two but after that the water content started to get weird.)

Q6: Who makes the best chicken noodle soup and why is it so good?
A6: I think my dad wins chicken noodle soup too. Love the balance of broth, meat, and veggies (and of course, made with love!)

Q7: Which do you prefer Corned Beef or Pastrami & what kind of mustard & bread to go with?
A7: not a fan of pastrami or corned beef. Like horseradish mustard and sourdough bread though!  (I definitely got skewered with pickle spears for that one :-p)

Q8: Are you a fan Potato Pancakes, Cheese Blintzes & Noodle Kugel? Any great recipes?
A8: omg! All of the above! Kugel, latkes, and blintzes are delicious!

Q9: Give us your thoughts on Chopped Liver & gefilte fish?
A9: I am down with chopped (chicken) liver but not so much on gefiltefish...texture creeps me out.

Q10: On a scale of 1 to 10 how much do you love a lox, bagel, cream cheese, capers, tomato sandwich?
A10: 10!

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    Not sure about more live events in Chicago but there are events popping up in other cities like Miami and New York and probably more to come - be sure to check out the #foodiechats website for more information on events and for upcoming themes!