ICONS MN: Film. Fashion. Rock & Roll.

With a tagline like “Film. Fashion. Rock & Roll.”, how could I miss ICONS? 

Originally scheduled for a weekend I had other commitments, I was excited to find out that not only would the new date be on a night I was free, but also on a weekend I would already be heading down to the Cities.  

Designer inspiration sketches at ICONS.

Designer inspiration sketches at ICONS.

Hosted by Cult Collective and held on August 9, 2014 at the St. Paul Athletic Club, ICONS was a really fun experience and reminded me how much I love Joan Jett, Black Flag, and rock in general.  

I was a little wary since this event came from a lot of the same team that threw the Black Hearts Ball, which I was really excited by but didn’t have the greatest experience with.  However, ICONS was fantastic.  

Entry at ICONS. Photo by  Rick Corwine .

Entry at ICONS. Photo by Rick Corwine.

The show centered around 4 short films each showcasing a different style of rock from Glam Rock to Psychedelic Rock to Women in Rock to Punk Rock.  After the film, a runway show featuring looks by local designers rocked the room.

Glam Rock

Film: Kings of Glam
Inspiration: David Bowie, Marc Bolan
Clare LaFond
Ariel Simone

I love the leg harness.  I need one in my life.  Looks by Tim+Thom and ArielSimone.

Psychedelic Rock

Film: Feed Your Head: The Psychedelic Era
Rachel Blomgren
DeLange Designs
Lindsey Hopkins

Look by Rachel Blomgren.

Women in Rock

Film: A montage from Women in Rock History, originally presented by Girls Rock Boston
Inspiration: Joan Jett, Beth Ditto
Tessa Louise
Danielle Everine
Kelly Keene

Look by Tessa Louise.  It came down the runway to Joan Jett's "Do You Want To Touch Me".  Perfect.

Looks by Kelly Keene and Danielle Everine.

Punk Rock

Film: The Art of Punk: Black Flag
Inspriation: Black Flag
Emrys Mariel Stramer
Laura Fulk
Sarah M. Holm

Looks by Laura Fulk and Emrys Mariel Stramer.

Looks by Sarah M. Holm and Laura Fulk.

Due to a scheduling issue (mini-golf at the Walker took longer than anticipated), I didn’t have time to grab dinner before the show.  Which worked out completely fine, since my ticket included access to food by Chef Chris Gerster (head chef at Red Stag and formerly of Alma, both on my MSP restaurant bucket list).  I think I ate more than enough chicken florentine for myself and the rest of the crowd.  

The Step Rockets gave a private performance for attendees of ICONS after the film and fashion portion ended.  My phone ran out of battery before I had a chance to capture the magic, but they definitely kept the crowd going.

I keep finding excuses to wear this sparkly stunner I found in my ICONS gift bag from Realia by Jen. I don’t wear rings often, but when I do, they have to be bauble-y.

Ring by  Realia by Jen .

Ring by Realia by Jen.

ICONS was truly a fun night filled with film, fashion, and rock & roll.