We're Going On An Adventure

Setting out on more than a mission and more than a celebration... it's a questival! 


Do-gooder apparel and gear brand Cotopaxi hosts their signature scavenger-hunt in the Twin Cities this weekend.  The Questival kicked off yesterday, August 18 at Como Park.

Follow along on my team's (the team consists of me and my SO) shenanigans on our team page:  http://questivalteams.cotopaxi.com/teampage?id=v6zHsu2ZP9  

 Some notable accomplishments include singing along to Kylie Minogue on the way to a truck stop diner, eating a raw clove of garlic, and finally getting to try a restaurant on our bucket list.


Can't wait to report back with a full rundown/review of the Questival!

Also coming soon - top picks for FWMN and chic Chicago vacation moments.