Black Fashion Week Minnesota - Spring/Summer 2019

In its second year, Black Fashion Week Minnesota (BFWMN) returns with something for everyone in Spring 2019. This season takes place April 18, 2019 – April 27, 2019 and kicks off with a party at The Moxy in Uptown.

Founder Natalie Morrow is no stranger to highlighting the artistic talents of IPOC in the Twin Cities. Honored as a Pioneer in Twin Cities Business magazine’s 100 People to Know in 2019, Morrow is also the founder of the Twin Cities Black Film Festival.

Regarding BFWMN, Morrow says, "My goal is to truly shine a spotlight on our IPOC in the Twin Cities”. This can build support for IPOC beyond the night of entertainment each event brings. Another goal, she continues, “is to inspire and educate creatives and invite new creatives to show their talent in a safe space”.

Previous attendees will see the return of high-energy runway show Black Man Magic, to be held at the new Elliot Park Hotel on April 27. Menswear and black male excellence will be the focus of the event, featuring local designers Gilded Roots and TIM+THOM, and iconic fashion designer Karl Kani.

New this year is the addition of TIM+THOM’s sixth annual social engagement and fashion event, Black Hearts Ball, to the BFWMN lineup. Black Hearts Ball producers, local fashion designers and advocates Thom Navarro and Tim Navarro, have joined the BFWMN team as Program Directors.

“In the shortest terms, our missions align.” says Thom Navarro of the partnership. Tim Navarro elaborated, “Like Black Hearts Ball, you need to experience the event to understand its impact. When I attended my first BFWMN event I felt like I was at home.”

As for the future of BFWMN, Tim Navarro states, “I hope that we will continue to create spaces and opportunities for the Indigenous and POC fashion community.” Thom Navarro added, “This season is just the beginning of amazing opportunities for the local fashion community”.

Another addition to BFWMN will be Fashion Bazaar. At Fashion Bazaar, guests can shop from local businesses and experience hair styling, makeup application, and wardrobe styling demonstrations. This season will also introduce runway event 40Lux. The show will shine the spotlight on models over 40, focusing on looking luxurious and living well at all ages.

The Events:

The A List Mixer 


Connect with the community surrounding BFWMN over cocktails! This social gathering serves to bring supporters, partners, and participants together to get acquainted before the more structured events take place.

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Black Hearts Ball 


Black Hearts Ball is a locally produced social engagement and fashion event that celebrates the immensely diverse Twin Cities fashion scene, by showcasing often unsung designers that thrive to uplift our communities.

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Fashion Bazaar 


Support local artisans and artists when shopping at this unique boutique experience. There will also be an opportunity to participate in an engaging conversation around fashion and trend forecasting, as well  as hair styling, makeup application, and wardrobe styling demonstrations.  Local fashion stylists, personal shoppers and fashion enthusiasts strongly encouraged to attend.

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40 Lux Fashion Show 


Looking good and dressing well is not tied to any age, gender, shape, or size. 40Lux will shine the spotlight on models over 40, dressed luxuriously in Robert Graham. Celebrate distinguished BIPOC in the Twin Cities (and maybe learn their secrets to living well and staying healthy) at this special runway event.

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Black Man Magic 


Prepare to be mesmerized by Black Man Magic! This high-energy runway show returns to delight our guests and flaunt the excellence of black men in our community. The show will conclude with a designer meet and greet.

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