When in Doubt, Leave Town to Figure It Out

My last post was a month and a half ago and so much has changed since then.

Last month I was feeling stuck - stuck in my childhood home, stuck in Vegas, stuck in an internship that I didn't love.  My internship provided a great learning experience and an edge in the industry, but it was no longer exciting to me and I felt my performance start to slip.  In addition, changes and stress in my personal life had me itching for something fresh.  

I made plans to take a trip to visit an old friend in a place I'd never been and quite honestly never saw myself going.  Before I left, I submit applications to job opportunities in the area that I saw online, knowing I had nothing to lose.  One such opportunity really spoke to me - the firm seemed to have a position available to do exactly what I had studied to do and was looking for someone exactly like me - from my major to my interests, skills, and prior (in)experience.  I got a call as I was preparing to go to the airport that they wanted to set up an interview.  I went and the interview must have gone well...though I wasn't sure of it when I left. 

Upon my return to Vegas, I immediately felt like I needed to leave again - I had outgrown my old room and life.  Thankfully, I got a call back from the interviewers and after some discussion and deliberating, I accepted an offer to join their team.  In the timeframe of about a week and a half, I picked up my life and relocated to snowy Duluth, MN.  Yup, somehow it's still snowy in mid-April. 

The April blizzard that shut down the office early during my first week.

Duluth isn't as big or glamorous as Las Vegas or Chicago, but it's charming and even shin deep in snow, I'm excited about this new chapter of my life.  I sit here at a coffee shop in the middle of the downtown area watching people pass by not only on the red brick sidewalks, but also through the glassy skywalk system above.  The Skywalk is a system of indoor walkways spanning three miles and connects most of the businesses downtown, providing a safe, efficient, and comfortable commute.  I had never heard of it until last month but as part of my new job, I will be aiding in the design of an addition to it.  

Part of the Duluth Skywalk, somewhere downtown.

It may seem like it, but I haven't given up on this blog and in fact have plans for going in a new direction.  Maybe not entirely new - still planning to post about shopping consciously, fashion, eco brands, and good food - but definitely adding new elements from a new location.  At first I lamented the lack of my old favorite chain shops and eateries (no Sephora or Nordstrom or Costco or Chipotle, OMG), but I love that Duluth has so many unique businesses and Minnesota pride.  There's a lot more going on here than I originally imagined - from art gallery openings, to up and coming music acts, interesting restaurants, and lots of beer.  

I know Surly is a Minneapolis based brand, but this was delicious and still means Minnesota is way cooler than I thought. I know Duluth has Fitger's and Canal Park Brewing and others, though.

There are still posts I have yet to catch up on, but forgive me - it's been a hectic couple of weeks!  Things are starting to slow down so I should soon have time to resume posting.  Please feel free to share with me any Duluth/Minnesota based designers and businesses I should check out!  I'm sure there are some here, I just don't know how to find them.  There's definitely a few things here I'm going to look into but a lot of the action seems to be in Minneapolis and hope to make it down there sometime soon.  

A lot still changing but every day I'm feeling more and more at home here.  This probably won't be my last move, but it's one I should be happy with for some time - the fact that I'm feeling more comfortable instead of more anxious as things settle is great.  I'm so ecstatic to have found such an incredible start to my career.  Hoping this will be just the change of pace I am looking for and pleased to have an audience to share my journey with.