Spotlight On: Royal Krew Co.

The Fall 2016 season of Fashion Week MN is just getting started.  #Minnstafashion tonight, Amarie Original’s showcase tomorrow, and Royal Krew Co.’s Reali Runway V2 on Saturday.  I was able to sit down with some of the Royal Krew  and find out more about the event and what they do.   

Royal Krew Co. is a creative consulting group that works with local designers, stylists, musicians, models, and more to produce events and showcase local talents.  They also host networking and educational events.  

Royal Krew is led by J.R. Walker:


Also part of the Krew is fashion designer of House of Nguyen, Mimi Nguyen:

And I also got to meet model, organizer, and all around fabulous person Roxy Chao:

J.R., Mimi, and Roxy were very welcoming of me into their space, and had a chill vibe while still being professional and productive.  They remained composed and easy-going throughout my visit, despite the demands of photo shoots, garment production, and organization going into their work.  

Regarding the educational aspect to their work, Walker noticed that during casting calls, some of the hopeful models don’t come prepared.  Royal Krew Co, with their affiliated group of models - the Ally Girls - host classes to inform aspiring models on professional etiquette and other skills needed for success.  

On the vision for Royal Krew, "I want the Twin Cities to be known for...something.  All people think of when they hear 'Minnesota' is cold", said J.R.  Mimi added that she wants "Minnesota fashion to go farther" than the limits of the state.  

Other events produced by Royal Krew Co include the first edition of Reali Runway and also a Fashion Industry Night meant for mingling and networking between designers, boutique owners, photographers, stylists, and more.  

Anyone who has ever tried to plan a banquet, a wedding, or some other big event knows how the detailed design decisions and coordination items take up a lot of time and effort.  The Royal Krew consists of people passionate about putting on a good production, and even though I haven't met some them yet, I felt their presence in the space.

For FWMN, they will be hosting Reali Runway V2 at The Exchange on Saturday, September 17.  Also, Dress For Success Twin Cities is an event partner and will be accepting donations of women’s interview attire and accessories. 

The show will be hosted by a few local celebrities, including former Miss Minnesota Latina, Vanessa Berrueta. Also hosting are Danni Starr and Chris Pham.  Local musical acts including Devata Daun will be performing at Reali Runway V2 as well. 

Reali Runway V2 promotional image by  Royal Krew Co .

Reali Runway V2 promotional image by Royal Krew Co.

Reali Runway V2 Designer Line Up

  • Frika by Victor Farmah
  • Zenobian Moxis by Vanessa Sade 
  • Hannah Jewel by Hannah Kufuna 
  • Bioadaptation by Rachel Purtell 
  • Raw Denim by Tysharay Watson 
  • The Brake up by Winta Designe 

I’m especially looking forward to seeing Zenobian Moxis’s pieces - she’s been featured in local/independent fashion magazine The Volk.  I was planning to check out a show featuring Zenobian Moxis earlier this year, but something came up last minute and I was unable to attend.  

Tickets to Reali Runway V2 are still available, but won’t be for long -  

The next fashion show presented by Royal Krew Co will be the House of Nguyen Designs Mi17 runway show at 514 Studios on September 25.